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The Partnership for Women’s Health Research Canada (PWHR) is led by institutions that share a vision of “Better health for all women, trans and non-binary people through research equity, excellence, and inclusion”.

PWHR’s partner institutions bring together more than 775 women’s health researchers who address health issues across the lifespan and come from diverse disciplinary perspectives. Annually, our researchers mentor more than 1300 trainees, ranging from undergraduates to postdoctoral and clinical fellows.

PWHR’s partner institutions support multidisciplinary women’s health research, spanning the continuum from basic science to clinical science to epidemiology, health systems, policy and community-based participatory research. In addition to the strong representation of women’s health researchers from public health, health services research and the biological and clinical sciences, we include social scientists, historians and engineers.  

In all our work, we are committed to ongoing learning and practicing humility to establish mutually respectful relationships and to advance research that values the lived experiences, knowledge systems and priorities of diverse women, trans and non-binary people, particularly those who have been systemically and historically excluded in health care and health science career trajectories.  


Better health for all women, trans and non-binary people through research equity, excellence, and inclusion.


Enable knowledge creation and mobilization to benefit the health of women, trans and non-binary people across the lifespan.


Excellence, collaboration, equity, promotion of inclusivity and diversity, accountability and sustainability.


  • Advance EXCELLENCE in research and knowledge mobilization and provide training guided by the best science.
  • Promote and support EQUITY, INCLUSIVITY and DIVERSITY in all aspects of research and the research enterprise.


  • Leverage our resources to further national research and promote evidence-informed practice and policy to benefit women, trans and non-binary people from coast-to-coast-to-coast and around the world.
  • Be a leading voice and champion for research that includes biological and socio-cultural sex and gender-based analyses and considers how these factors intersect with other social categorizations.
  • Increase training and mentorship opportunities for trainees and researchers at all career stages.
  • Support networking of health researchers.
  • Mobilize knowledge to improve health behaviours and medical practices, cultural safety, and policies that affect health.
  • Advocate for increased funding.

The Partnership for Women’s Health Research Canada uses the term women to refer to all people who identify as women. We use trans and non-binary as umbrella terms to refer to people with a wide range of gender identities that are different from the gender they were assigned at birth.
This is a living document and we welcome feedback. For more information or to provide input, please contact